IOE 能量學會

Zero-point energy is the fuel of the future. IRI invites you to learn more about the fundamental energy of the quantum vacuum and how it can be used for practical applications and useful work.

  • "Proposed Use of Zero Bias Diode Arrays as Thermal Electric Noise Rectifers and Non-Thermal Energy Harvesters" is a peer-reviewed paper presented at SPESIF February 24, 2009 sponsored and published by the American Institute of Physics (AIP).
  • Zero Point Energy Diode Project Executive Summary is a short 12-page proposal for the development of a zero bias diode array for the production of electricity from ambient energy.
  • "Zero Point Energy from the Quantum Vacuum" is a Google video from a conference lecture by Dr. Valone which is a popular introduction to the subject of "zero point energy" and how it can be used.
  • Zero Point Energy: The Fuel of the Future is a new book by Dr. Tom Valone for the general public.
  • Zero point energy position paper is available as an introductory, easy-to-read summary of the concepts.
  • The Practical Conversion of Zero-Point Energy: Feasibility Study of Zero-Point Energy Extraction from the Quantum Vacuum for the Performance of Useful Work, a book authored by Dr. Thomas Valone. Designed for serious APE researchers, preview the FREE report summary chart, Toolkit for Vacuum Engineers from the book.
  • "Tom Valone, PhD, Speaks on Zero-point Energy Extraction from the Quantum Vacuum" is a review article recently published. Order a DVD of the talk, which received cheers and a standing ovation for its clarity and content.
  • Zero-point energy on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is a great popular introduction to the topic, with lots of links.
  • NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Project is in need of funding to continue research on ZPE.
  • is a popular website devoted to zero point energy.